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Speed of Money by Jason Hartman the Founder of Platinum Properties Investors NetworkJason Hartman is the author and the host of The Speed Money on KABC and Million Dollar Circle Platinum Award Winner. He has been involved in several thousand of real estate transactions and owns property in eleven states and seventeen cities. Platinum Properties Investor Network, Inc. is among his companies that helps people achieve the American dream of financial freedom by purchasing income property in prudent markets nationwide. Jason Hartman’s Complete Solution for real investors is a comprehensive system providing real estate investors with education, research and technology to deal with all areas of their income property investment needs.

Speed of Money Podcast by Jason Hartman:

Speed of Money by Jason Hartman the Founder of Platinum Properties Investors NetworkIn his podcasts the Speed of money, he explains the rate at which money is exchanged in different transactions and how much a unit of frequency is used in a given time. The speed of money, also called the velocity of money, is an important measure of the rate at which the money in circulation is used for purchasing goods and services and is a key input in the determination of an economy’s inflation calculation. Jason Hartman as an economist, discusses the different views on inflation pressures and the indications of a healthy economy.  The Federal Reserve defines the speed of money as the ratio of nominal GDP to a measure of the money supply. Think of it as the rate of turnover of the money supply.

Over the recent years there has been a decline in the sped of money. This has resulted to inflation and deflation.

In his shows, Jason Hartman critically analyses the financial markets. The economy of the state is depreciating by the day. The stocks are being bought and sold depending on their perceived valued at that moment in time and buyers expectations of a price change. The high unemployment rates, inflation and deflation will continue to be a non-ending turmoil.  With the banks being in financial crisis and the state in debts, Jason Hartman advice is to make direct investment in real estate. As the founder of Platinum Properties Investor Network, he advocates for people to buy properties not counting on it to appreciate but for renting out to tenants. He equates this as handing money to the investors. This means it’s time to act and scoop investment opportunities. This is because with the government in debt, this exceptional window of opportunity will not be open indefinitely.

Atlanta The Growing City:

Atlanta is among the fastest growing cities in the Unites states. The population is anticipated to grow by 43% by the year 2025. This massive city is an attraction magnet for investors, big corporations and industries. This makes it among the busiest real estate market in America. The growing job market, presents an untapped real estate investment opportunity. Superior quality of life, a conducive climate and favorable demographics builds a strong business environment. Atlanta is thus experiencing an exponential economic growth as others struggle. Platinum Properties Investors Network will advise you on how to generate attractive lifelong income as well as capital growth. Platinum Properties Investors Network have a tried and tested business model that will help you set up your own property portfolio.

The 3rd Jason Hartman’s successful commandments is

“thou shalt maintain control”

The scandals in Wall Street are endless. Be your own boss, invest directly.

Platinum Properties Investors Network

At Platinum Properties Investors Network there are a team of partners that will help you put in place business plans and structures that will make your income tax efficient and pinpointing opportunities that will give you great returns.

Do not play the money game to loose but instead play with the intention of winning. Three are numerous opportunities out there and we just have to pursue them. Conserving what you have only leaves you poor, have a prosperous attitude, think, act and create more money.

Platinum Properties Investors Network Make Your Life Easy:

Platinum Properties Investors Network will make life easy for you. This diligent company works with other competent property company around the country just to ensure your investment is worthwhile. There are arrangements with third party Company to manage your property and take care of; maintenance, tenant fees and needs, financial statements and managing expenses.

Focus on opportunities and not obstacles.

“My life seems to be one long obstacle course with me as the chief obstacle”

Associate with positive and admire other rich and successful persons. Receive gifts, critics and compliments graciously and don’t feel guilty of receiving more